Things like anime, manga and Japanese cuisine are already integral parts of global culture, recognised and beloved virtually all over the world. However, manifestations of Japanese culture overseas are by no means limited to these top ‘exports’. Written by Time Out editors from seven countries, this special series explores the diversity of Japanese culture around the world. 深受各國人士喜愛的日本動漫及和食,在全球化文化中已成為不可缺少的一部份,但值得關注的並不只限於這些最受歡迎的「出口物品」。
由七個國家的Time Out編輯寫的特集,將探索日本文化在世界各國裡的多樣性。
由七个国家的Time Out编辑写的特集,将探索日本文化在世界各国里的多样性。