Discover Japanese shopping in Shanghai 在上海發現日本購物之樂 在上海发现日本购物之乐

The contribution from Shanghai’s sizeable Japanese expat contingent to the city’s fashion scene goes far beyond the ubiquitous Uniqlo. Time Out Shanghai take a look at some of the Japanese shopping options available.


The joint project of Spanish-Japanese duo Leticia Cano Baba-Oruzumi and Clara Montsalvatge, quirky shirt brand Batabista recently opened their first shop in Shanghai showcasing their fun designs that blend Asian and European influences. The designers say that they have set out to create something ‘magical’ and to put a ‘twist’ on classical shirt designs. Cano Baba-Oruzumi explains, ‘We didn’t set out to be too hipster, we just have fun and make what we like.’

Link: Batabasta


Opened in 2009, hat boutique Futoshi stocks a dizzying 5,000 designs, ranging from Japanese-style flat woven-leather caps to feather-adorned bowlers. Most of the hats are designed and manufactured in Osaka by a seven-strong team headed by store owner Futoshi Kashiwagi, but you can also find some beautiful imported pieces from Italy, France and the US.

Link: Futoshi


Well-known Japanese department store Isetan’s Shanghai branch might not be quite on the scale of its Shinjuku sister outlet, but it’s nevertheless a sizeable shopping destination and occupies a prime position on one of the city’s most famous streets, Nanjing Lu. There’s everything here from clothing and cosmetics to children’s hair salons and a basement food court featuring a good selection of Japanese eateries serving ramen, mochi and more.

Link: Isetan


One of the main centres for the Japanese expat population in Shanghai is an area in the west of the city known as Hongqiao – it’s here where you’ll find the city’s best Japanese restaurants and bathhouses, and one of its best shopping centres. Located right on top of the Yili Lu metro station, Japanese department store Takashimaya is filled with a mix of high-end and mid-range international brands. The basement level is a food court full of great little snack stands, including tiny desserts at Mini One and pastries at Boulangerie Française. On the upper levels, there’s a top range of Japanese and Korean restaurants, too.

Link: Takashimaya


Run by charismatic owner Asuka Ashida, this store sells beautiful antique Japanese clothes and a select number of vintage Japanese accessories. This is an elegantly laid out shop, with beautiful clothes of up to 100 years in age (with impressive prices of up to 8,800RMB for key pieces). Enthusiastic owner Asuka will explain the pieces to you in great detail, offering insight into traditional Japanese culture and dress. Yuraki offers purses, hair clips and traditional Japanese broaches made from lotus flowers from 100RMB. The antique kimonos and Japanese clothing might not be your average city wear, but they are certainly statement pieces.

Link: Yuraki

When you’re done shopping at Shanghai’s Japanese stores, make the trip across the sea to Japan itself for the full selection. Here are two Tokyo establishments that should rank very high on your retail checklist.

Dover Street Market

Designed to express 'beautiful chaos', Dover Street Market Ginza is a multi-brand concept store teeming with one-off collaborations. The store hosts the full line of Comme des Garçons and is consistently full of fresh new items and brands. Don’t miss the excellent café and bakery on the top floor.

Link: Dover Street Market

Isetan Shinjuku

Arguably the trendiest department store in Japan, Isetan Shinjuku is renowned for having its window displays created by leading artists and offers only the finest in food, clothing and homeware. It recently underwent a massive refurbishment, and hosts regular pop-up shops – got to keep up with the times, of course.

Link: Isetan Shinjuku

Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando

If you're looking for the fashion bull's-eye of Tokyo, head straight for this trendsetting district. The three stations – Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando – form a kind of triangle, where everything from high-end boutiques to quirky underground stores line the streets and shoppers show off their Sunday best.

Link: #58 Shop for trends in the triangle

日本僑民為上海的時尚界帶來無限刺激,而影響力不止於隨處可見的Uniqlo。Time Out上海為你介紹購物日本精品的好去處。


樂蒂夏‧卡諾‧巴巴奧住米(Leticia Cano Baba-Oruzumi)與克拉‧蒙薩瓦傑(Clara Montsalvatge)這對西日二人組聯手創立的搞怪襯衫品牌 Batabasta,最近在上海開了第一家店鋪,展現融合歐亞風格的有趣設計。以創造具有魔力的商品為目標,並且為傳統襯衫設計帶來新的變化,卡諾‧巴巴奧住米解釋:「我們不希望太趕流行,只想開心地做自己喜歡做的東西。」

Link: Batabasta

Futoshi 柏木太帽子


Link: Futoshi 柏木太帽子



Link: 伊勢丹


位於上海市西邊的虹橋是日本僑民的重要聚集地之一,你在這裡可以找到全上海最棒的日本料理、澡場及購物中心。日本知名百貨公司高島屋位於地鐵伊犁路站正上方,售賣各種中高價位的國際品牌。地下美食街有許多提供可口食物的小店,包括Mini One的小甜點和Boulangerie Française的糕點。在上層可以找到高級的日本和韓國餐廳。

Link: 高島屋

衣曼荼羅 Yuraki


Link: 衣曼荼羅 Yuraki


Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market 銀座店以傳達「美麗的混亂」為設計理念,是一間匯集了與不同品牌聯手製作商品的概念店。店內有Comme des Garçons的完整系列,而且商品和品牌不斷推陳出新。別錯過位於頂樓的咖啡館和麵包店。

Link: Dover Street Market



Link: 伊勢丹新宿店



Link: #58 在潮流金三角購物

日本侨民为上海的时尚界带来无限刺激,而影响力不止于随处可见的Uniqlo。Time Out上海为你介绍购物日本精品的好去处。


乐蒂夏‧卡诺‧巴巴奥住米(Leticia Cano Baba-Oruzumi)与克拉‧蒙萨瓦杰(Clara Montsalvatge)这对西日二人组联手创立的搞怪衬衫品牌 Batabasta,最近在上海开了第一家店铺,展现融合欧亚风格的有趣设计。以创造具有魔力的商品为目标,并且为传统衬衫设计带来新的变化,卡诺‧巴巴奥住米解释道, “我们不希望太赶流行,只想开心地做自己喜欢做的东西。”

Link: Batabasta

Futoshi 柏木太帽子


Link: Futoshi 柏木太帽子



Link: 伊势丹


位于上海市西边的虹桥是日本侨民的重要聚集地之一,你在这裡可以找到全上海最棒的日本料理、澡场及购物中心。日本知名百货公司高岛屋位于地铁伊犁路站正上方,售卖各种中高档的国际品牌。地下美食广场有许多提供可口食物的小店,包括Mini One的小甜点和Boulangerie Française的糕点。在上层可以找到顶级的日本和韩国餐厅。

Link: 髙岛屋

衣曼荼罗 Yuraki


Link: 衣曼荼罗 Yuraki


Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market 银座店以传达“美丽的混乱”为设计理念,是一间汇集了与不同品牌联手制作商品的概念店。店内有Comme des Garçons的完整系列,而且商品和品牌不断推陈出新。不要错过顶层出色的咖啡店和面包店。

Link: Dover Street Market



Link: 伊势丹新宿



Link: #58 在潮流金三角购物

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