Anime and cosplay in Sydney 雪梨的動畫和角色扮裝 悉尼的动漫与角色扮演

It’s not just dressing up. Costume play enthusiasts spend months planning, and sometimes making, the perfect outfit for one of Sydney’s big pop culture conventions like Oz Comic-Con, SMASH and Supanova. The trend has been adopted from Japan by niche communities in Australia, who meet and share ideas online as well as at large festivals and events throughout the year. That community is growing too; the first First National Cosplay Championships in Australia took place six years ago, and in 2015 another nationwide competition is launching that will provide a second chance for fanatics to compete as their favourite anime, manga, tokusatsu or video game character. Whether its Sailor Moon or Elsa from Frozen, cosplayers flock to these top conventions.

SMASH: Sydney Manga and Anime Show

The annual J-pop exhibition sees as many as 13,500 fans travel from across the region for celebrity appearances from the worlds of anime, cosplay, Gundam and gaming. The weekend convention is home to Sydney’s first maid café, a concept born on the streets of Tokyo in 2001, which typically involves staff dressed in French maid outfits who address their customers as ‘master’ or ‘mistress’. And SMASH fans are very passionate about cosplay – gender roles are bent and subverted as anime characters dine next to Harajuku girls and superheroes. Last year’s convention featured guest star Reiko Nagato, an internationally renowned cosplayer from Germany.

Link: SMASH: Sydney Manga and Anime Show


A hot date on the cosplay calendar, Supanova hosts Australia’s Madman National Cosplay Championship. The pop culture convention travels around the country, attracting crowds of film, TV, manga and anime fans thanks to its line-up of high-profile speakers. In June, the original black and red Power Rangers from the 1990s TV series will be making their way to Sydney, joined by the voice leads from the first eight seasons of Pokémon, Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart. Cosplayers strut their stuff on stage on both days of the festival, showcasing their best impersonations and comedy skits. The rules are simple: if you bought your outfit, you’ll only be eligible for the skit category. All costumes must be tasteful (it’s a family-friendly affair) and no weapons.

Link: Supanova

Matsuri Sydney

Supported by the Japan Foundation, Japan Board of Sydney and local tourism agencies, Matsuri is the largest and most focused festival of Japanese culture in the city. It’s function is to celebrate the cross-cultural friendship between Japan and the Australian people, and the one-day event takes place in the centrally-located playground at Darling Harbour. Though it doesn’t have the same traction as the big conventions, you’ll find plenty of Lolitas, Rei Ayanamis and Haruhi Suzumiyas in amongst the anime content, karate demonstrations and calligraphy workshops. Each December the event grows and grows, with the latest head count coming in at 20,000 visitors.

Oz Comic-Con

The pop culture conference that out-geeks all other pop culture cons made its way to Sydney last year with William Shatner in tow. This year’s guests are still to be announced, but as ever there’ll be a floor filled with exhibitors, a chance to get your picture taken with TV and film celebrities and panel talks. The Oz Comic-Con Australian Championships of Cosplay makes its debut in 2015 – aiming to become the largest and most prestigious costume contest in Australia. Competitors will step up to the challenge at each regional event in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth before fighting it out in the final round at Oz Comic-Con Sydney in September.

Link: Oz Comic-Con

You’ve mastered the anime scene in Sydney, and have now come to Japan in search of new influences and the latest goodies. Here’s where to head for everything from inspiration to jealousy-inducing character merchandise…

Suginami Animation Museum

Get a crash course in the history of Japanese anime at this free Nishi-Ogikubo museum, where you can immerse yourself in a number of fun exhibits. The museum also offers the opportunity to learn about the production process of anime, and even lets visitors draw and shoot their own little flick.

Link: Suginami Animation Museum

Nakano Broadway

Walk down the cathedral-like shotengai (shopping street) in Nakano and you’ll reach the covered Broadway section with its 300-plus shops. A popular haunt for Tokyo’s otaku community, this five-floor complex contains numerous branches of Fujiya Avic, the secondhand CD/DVD/anime store offering rarities and bootlegs, as well as plenty of other quirky haunts worth exploring for anime fans.

Link: Nakano Broadway


Tokyo’s mecca for geeks hosts countless anime shops and maid cafés, while cosplayers dressed up as familiar characters roam the streets. Fans of stupefyingly popular mega-group AKB48 can see their idols perform live at the group’s own theatre close to Akihabara Station.

Link: #034 Act like a geek for a day

它不僅僅是盛裝打扮而已。為迎接Oz Comic-Con、SMASH和Supanova等雪梨大型的流行文化盛會,角色扮裝迷會花上數月的時間計畫,有時甚至自己製作最完美的服裝。這個潮流是由澳洲的共同愛好者從日本引進的,他們全年透過網路、大型節日及活動中認識和交流意見。這個社群更不斷在增長中;六年前,澳洲舉辦了首屆全國角色扮裝冠軍賽(First National Cosplay Championships),而另外一場全國賽事也即將在2015年登場,提供狂熱動漫迷們以最愛的動畫、漫畫、特攝或電玩角色身份參賽的機會。不論是美少女戰士還是《冰雪奇緣》中的艾莎,角色扮裝迷都蜂擁到這個重要盛會。


這個一年一度的日本流行文化(J-Pop)展在當地吸引高達13,500名粉絲齊聚一堂,目睹動畫、角色扮裝、鋼彈和遊戲世界的名人閃亮登場。這個於週末舉辦的大會更是雪梨第一家女僕咖啡館的誕生地。女僕咖啡館的概念於2001年發源於東京街頭,穿著法國女僕服裝的服務生會以「男主人」或「女主人」來稱呼顧客。 SMASH迷們非常熱衷角色扮裝-你可以看到扭曲顛覆性別角色的動畫角色和原宿女孩、超級英雄們同桌共餐。去年的大會還邀請了來自德國世界知名角色扮演明星Reiko Nagato出席。

連結: SMASH:雪梨動漫展


Supanova主辦的狂人全國角色扮裝冠軍賽(Madman National Cosplay Championship),是角色扮裝的年度盛事。這個流行文化大會巡迴澳洲全國各地,以高知名度的演講者陣容吸引大批的電影、電視、漫畫和動畫迷。今年六月,1990年代電視劇集《金剛戰士》中的黑色和紅色戰士將會造訪雪梨,《神奇寶貝》前八季的配音主角Veronica Taylor和Eric Stuart也會共襄盛舉。在為期兩天的節日期間,角色扮裝者們可以在舞台上盡情發揮,秀出他們最好的模仿演出和小型喜劇。規則很簡單:如果你的服裝是買的,就只有資格參與小型喜劇類別。所有的表演服都必須有品味(這是適合闔家參與的活動),而不能攜帶武器。

連結: Supanova

Matsuri Sydney

由國際交流基金、Japan Board of Sydney和當地旅行社贊助,Matsuri Sydney是雪梨市最大、最專注的日本文化節日。這個為期一天的活動的宗旨在於頌揚日本和澳洲之間的友好文化交流,於位置便利的達令港遊樂場舉行。雖然它的吸引力並不及其他大型集會,但你仍能在動畫內容、空手道示範和書法工作坊中看到很多位蘿莉塔、綾波麗和涼宮春日。這個活動在每年的12月舉行,規模不斷擴大,最近一次的活動吸引了高達20,000人參觀。

Oz Comic-Con

這個宅過所有其它流行文化大會的盛事在去年抵達雪梨,出席名人包括了威廉・薛特納(William Shatner)。今年的貴賓名單還沒公布,但如同之前一樣,會場將擠滿了展出攤位,有機會和電視及電影明星合照,並參與專題座談。Oz Comic-Con角色扮裝澳洲冠軍賽(Australian Championships of Cosplay)將於2015年首度舉辦─目標在於成為全澳洲最大、最負盛名的扮裝比賽。參賽者們將在阿德萊德、布里斯本、墨爾本和珀斯的地區性賽事進行挑戰,然後在九月的雪梨Oz Comic-Con總決賽爭奪冠軍。

連結: Oz Comic-Con




連結: 杉並動畫博物館


走在大教堂般的中野商店街上,你將能參觀匯集了300多家店鋪的百老匯商區。備受東京御宅族喜愛的聚集地,五層樓高的綜合商場有售賣二手CD/DVD/動畫稀有商品和私貨的Fujiya Avic的多家分店,還有很多其它的奇特場所,值得日本動畫迷前往一探究竟。

連結: 中野百老匯



連結: #034 體驗宅男的一天

它不仅仅是盛装打扮而已。为迎接Oz Comic-Con、SMASH和Supanova等雪梨大型的流行文化盛会,角色扮装迷会花上数月的时间计画,有时甚至自己製作最完美的服饰。这个潮流是由澳大利亚的共同爱好者从日本引进的,他们全年在线上以及大型节日及活动中认识和交流意见。这个社群更不断在增长中;六年前,澳大利亚举办了首届全国角色扮装冠军赛(First National Cosplay Championships),而另外一场全国赛事也即将在2015年登场,提供狂热动漫迷们以最爱的动画、漫画、特摄或视频游戏角色身份参赛的机会。不论是美少女战士还是《冰雪奇缘》中的艾莎,角色扮装迷都会纷纷涌向这个重要盛会。

SMASH: 悉尼动漫展

这个一年一度的日本流行文化(J-Pop)展在当地吸引高达13,500名动漫爱好者齐聚一堂,目睹动漫、角色扮演、高达和游戏世界的名人闪亮登场。这个于週末举办的大会更是悉尼第一家女仆咖啡馆的诞生地。女仆咖啡馆的概念于2001年发源于东京街头,穿着法国女仆服装的服务生会以「男主人」或「女主人」来称呼顾客。 SMASH迷们非常热衷角色扮装-你可以看到扭曲颠覆性别角色的动画角色和原宿女孩、超级英雄们同桌共餐。去年的大会还邀请了来自德国世界知名角色扮演明星Reiko Nagato出席。

连接: SMASH: 悉尼动漫展


Supanova主办的狂人全国角色扮装冠军赛(Madman National Cosplay Championship),是角色扮装的年度盛事。这个流行文化大会巡迴澳大利亚全国各地,以高知名度的演讲者阵容吸引大批的电影、电视、漫画和动画迷。今年六月,1990年代电视剧集《恐龙战队》中的黑色和红色战士将会造访悉尼,《神奇宝贝》前八季的配音主角Veronica Taylor和Eric Stuart也将登场。在为期两天的节日期间,角色扮装者们可以在舞台上尽情发挥,秀出他们最好的模彷秀和喜剧小品。规则很简单:如果你的服装是买的,就只有资格参与小型喜剧类别。所有的表演服都必须有品味(这是适合合全家参加的活动),而不能携带武器。

连接: Supanova

Matsuri Sydney

由国际交流基金、Japan Board of Sydney和当地旅行社赞助,Matsuri Sydney是悉尼市最大、最专注的日本文化节日。这个为期一天的活动的宗旨在于颂扬日本和澳大利亚之间的友好文化交流,于位置便利的达令港游乐场举行。虽然它的吸引力并不及其他大型集会,但你仍能在动画内容、空手道示范和书法工作坊中看到很多位洛丽、凌波丽和凉宫春日。这个活动在每年的12月举行,规模不断扩大,最近一次的活动吸引了高达20,000人参观。

Oz Comic-Con

这个宅过所有其它流行文化大会的盛事在去年抵达悉尼,出席名人包括了威廉・薛特纳(William Shatner)。今年的贵宾名单还没公布,但如同之前一样,会场将挤满了展出摊位,有机会和电视及电影明星合照,并参与专题座谈。Oz Comic-Con角色扮装澳大利亚冠军赛(Australian Championships of Cosplay)将于2015年首度举办─目标在于成为全澳大利亚最大、最负盛名的扮装比赛。参赛者们将在阿德莱德、布里斯班、墨尔本和珀斯的地区性赛事进行挑战,然后在九月的悉尼Oz Comic-Con总决赛争夺冠军。

连接: Oz Comic-Con




连接: 杉并动漫博物馆


走在大教堂般的中野商店街上,你将能参观汇集了300多家店铺的百老汇商区。备受东京御宅族喜爱的出没地点,五层楼高的综合商场有售卖二手CD/DVD/动画稀有商品和私货的Fujiya Avic的多家分店,还有很多其它的奇特场所,值得日本动画迷前往一探究竟。

连接: 中野百老汇


这里是东京的极客胜地,拥有无数家动漫商店和女仆咖啡厅,还有装扮成知名动漫角色的角色扮演者在街上漫步。超级巨星偶像团体 AKB48 在秋叶原站附近拥有自己的剧场,粉丝们能在这里观赏偶像们的现场表演。

连接: #034 体验宅男的一天

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